Sunday, April 1, 2012

Online Registration for Trail Festival

Hi folks!  Online registration for the trail festival is available now at:

This event, though hosted by the Fat Fish Racing Team and Windy City Striders, is a benefit for the youth mountain biking team in the Casper area.  It would really make things easier on the Fat Fish and the coaches of the youth mountain biking team if you registered online and paid through  The cost of the race if your register online will only cost you a total of $27.54.  If you choose to wait until the day of the event, the cost to race will go up to $35 and only cash will be accepted.  Please register online to save you some doe and all of us some time.  The running event will cost you only 10 dollars and you can pay for that the day of the race with the Windy City Striders.

There is already some talk of some very excited folks who want to do the run and the bike races of the day!!  This is going to be soooooo much fun.

Kids will get to race to!  So bring the training wheels if you got em and we will watch the kids do a couple laps around the playground when the older kids are done racing.

Register soon.... The first 75 people to register get a free t-shirt!

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