Saturday, March 31, 2012

Casper Trail Festival: May 12th


On May 12th, Fat Fish Racing is hosting a day of outdoor fun with a fundraiser for the Casper Area Mountain Bike Youth Racers (C.A.M.B.Y.R.).  The day kicks off at 8:30am with a 4.25 mile trail run.  The Windy City Striders running club will host this race that take place on the exact same trail as the MTB races.  $10 dollars is all it costs to run and proceed go to support C.A.M.B.Y.R. and the Striders.  When the runners finish, it is time for the first MTB race of the day.  All of the mountain bike races of the day will only cost you $25, which all of the proceeds go to funding the youth mountain bike team.  At 10am the Beginner men/women and the Jr high boys/girls will set off for a 4.25 mile race.  The course includes a fun and spectator friendly prologue loop (which is .75 miles) and then the main loop (which is 3.5 miles).  We expect the winners of this category to finish in about 35 minutes.

At 11am, the Sport categories will start with separate mens/womens and Sr. High School boys/girls categories.  The course will include one prologue loop and three main loops totaling about 11 miles. 

At 12:30, the Expert category begins.  Everyone is combined in this category, so all the women will be competing against the men if you choose to race this category.

There is a 'Lunker' category too.  I am excited to see all the folks who want the challenge of the running race and the mountain bike race.  There will only be 3 male and 3 female 'Lunkers' (one male and one female in each category).  After all the results becomes official, we can add up your run time and your bike time to determine a winner in your category.  

Registration information will be online soon.  Stay posted and tell your friends!

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