Thursday, September 29, 2011

EKW Cyclocross Race

We are all set and ready to go for next week's CX race.  The course will be set up on Friday, so feel free to bike on down to EKW for a fun evening or night ride.  If cyclocross is still foreign to you, check out some Youtube video's and come early on Saturday.  The recreational category will start  at 9:30am no matter what the weather is like.  If you get there early, any one of the Fat Fish would be happy to show you the best and safest way to dismount and remount on your bike at high speeds.  This course will have a couple barriers as well as all the terrain that makes a Cross race sweet.  Look at the map below and these pictures of the great EKW park.  We will start in the grass at the green circle and go in the direction of the arrows.  Park where ever you like, but the Mountain View Pavilion is going to be our base for the day.  Cost is 4 dollars to get into the park for residents.  The race is free and prizes will follow the completion of all the races and after all the course is picked up.  If everyone helps pick up tape and flags and arrows, we aught to be finished in about 10 minutes.  

We are so pumped for the race.  If you have any questions ask us on Facebook or email at

See you next week.  If you can, check out the last of the Cheyenne Cross Series this upcoming Sunday!  Their courses are great and the competition is top shelf.  

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