Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CX vs XC

Last weekend was amazing!  Cross Country (XC) race on Saturday at Bates followed by the Cyclo-Cross (CX) race on Sunday in Cheyenne.  Check out the pictures below to figure out which one you think looks the best.  I loved them both, but now that I did my first ever CX race.... I got the cyclocross bug.  

Cheyenne has two more races in their series.  So for the next two Sunday's, get down that way for some serious cowbell ringing, elbow rubbing, hurdle jumping action.  Go visit those relatives you've been avoiding,  take the wife down to Fort Collins for some shopping or tour the beautiful botanical gardens of Cheyenne.  Then while you are down there, get on your bike for an hour and rip it up with the great guys down there at their series race.  IT IS WORTH THE DRIVE!

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