Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mens B Category results for Hogadon Hurt

Craig Carellier 30:01:00
Clint Conner 30:47:00    B58
Eric Hansen 31:30:00    B93
Joel Simonsen 33:10:00    B57
Mike McLemore 33:31:00    B55
Matt Deane 34:24:00    B59
Chris Smith        
Kirk Kissack
Travis Winchell 36:40:00    B66
Tim Winkler 37:27:00    B92
Nick Egleseder 37:40:00    B62
Alex Custard 37:41:00    B30
Nick Wendell 37:46:00    B50
Norm Brown 38:15:00    B15
Mason Sale 38:20:00    B45
Darrin Stone 40:05:00    B63
Tim Swain 41:53:00    B64
Stephen Jensen 42:15:00    B54
Quinn Kunka 42:19:00    B61
Clint Webb 42:26:00    B103
Dan Straka 42:40:00    B20
Scott Jensen 42:57:00    B53
Josh Davis 44:10:00       B51
Jack Custard 44:23:00    B26
Tommy Ladd 46:00:00    B60
Jeremy Bruch DNF    B40

One rider is unaccounted for: Sean Kelley.  I don't have a time for you Sean.  I'm terribly sorry.  Did you finish and we missed you (highly likely) or did you DNF, are you still on the trail?  Please let me know by emailing at fatfishracing@gmail.com  Sorry for the hassle but I'd like to get this straight before I post series results.  Thanks

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