Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hogadon Hurt: A class results

Name                     Time        Plate #

Colby Frontiero 22:42    A13
Matt Langley 23:47    A9
Mike Diesberg 24:42:00    A1
Ben Emery 24:45:00    A3
Neil Benton 25:48:00    A4
Kristi Olsen 26:12:00    A41
Brook (Crash) Russell 26:33:00    A15
Austin Dulaney 27:10:00    A36
Brock Smith 27:18:00    A39
Vance Oracion 27:50:00    A16
Gordon Edwards 28:58:00    A37
Josh Jacquot 32:14:00    A14
Jeremy Boon 34:40:00    A27
Matt Bowman 34:41:00    A37
Scott Cotton 35:20:00    A31
Nathan Boor 40:37:00    A40
Jason Gardner      DNF    A23
Keith Wharton      DNF    A11

Please remember your plate numbers.  Re-use the plates from last night, or make new ones for the next ride.  This helped us out with timing so please keep doing this.  Thanks

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