Thursday, June 2, 2011


 Get ready folks for the Crazed Cow Mountain Bike Ride! 

Due to the number of cows and calves in the area we were planning on riding, a change needed to be made.  Luckily Casper has some amazing land owners in the area!   There will be some GREAT trails for us to ride and the Fat Fish are even more excited about this ride.  Why are we more excited?  Because now we will all be riding new trail while the Hat Six Heart Ache ride is still in the mix for later in the year!  We are getting access to some beautiful new spaces. 

This year is going to ROCK!!

Directions to the ride will be posted on SUNDAY night.  The location will be East of Casper about 15 to 20 minutes.  Ride will still start at 6:30 for A class and 6:31 for B class.

Multiple loops!
Great people!
Free ride!
Free food!
SCHWAGG!  There will be even MORE free stuff after this ride than the last ride.

We can't wait to see you Monday!

Enjoy your weekend and keep the rubber side down

The Fat Fish Racing Team

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