Sunday, June 5, 2011


Bring your sunscreen and plenty of water to The Crazed Cow Bike Ride tomorrow for ride #3 of the Fat Fish Racing series.  Food, cold drinks, schwagg and laughs follow every time!  We cant wait to see you there.  Ride description will be drawn out for you to view at registration.  A helmet must be worn!  Thank you to all the supporters of Fat Fat Racing!  Your smiles, high fives and thanks just fuel us up even more for the next event!  Check out the directions below and remember, you are a strong person.  There are no failures at a Fat Fish Racing event.

These directions look long, but its really easy to get there :)  enjoy!

From downtown Casper: Get on the interstate and head south to the Hat Six Road exit.  Get off the interstate and take a Left on Hat Six Road.  Go a few hundreds yards until you come to a stop sign.  Turn Right at the stop sign.  You are now on the old Glenrock highway also labeled hwy 20/26.  Drive exactly 11 miles on this road (towards Glenrock) until you see the bright orange Fat Fish Racing sign on the fence where you are going to turn right.  You are now on rough gravel but any car can drive this part.  At the first fork, turn left.  At the next fork turn right.  From the highway you will reach the underpass of the interstate at .9 miles.  If you are driving a car, this is where you will stop.  If you have a truck and want to drive through the water/mud under the interstate, go right ahead and keep driving another 1.5 miles to the ride start. There will be a shuttle truck if you don't want to ride the 1.5 miles to the ride start. If you have a truck and want to throw some people in the back end while you're headed to the ride start, just ask the poor guys in their cars if they want a ride :)
Should take you about 20 minutes to be parked if your driving from downtown.
See you there and please pass this information on as soon as possible since I got these directions to you so late.

Thank you!

The Fat Fish


Anonymous said...

a thanks to everyone that helped put this on. i had a lot of fun and am ready for the next one!

Fat Fish Race Team said...

You're welcome Anonymous! We are glad to hear it and can't wait to see you at the next one. Until then, stay in shape with hill climbs, sprints, eating right and plenty of stretching! Later