Monday, May 2, 2011


A huge thanks goes to all the riders that made the season opener a total success.  37 men and women were there to ride and at least 20 spectators to cheer everyone on!!  The Fat Fish are so happy to have some new faces and new riders join us in what we hope to be challenging and fun events.  Tonight's ride was definitely a challenge, with that insane hill climb called the goat path.  Then to add insult to injury, the top of the hill turns to sand and remains that way for the next 1/3rd of a mile.

How awesome was the creek crossing?  It was a beautiful thing to see Colby wheelie through that thing at 20 miles an hour!  

A big "WAY TO GO" must go to Gabe H, who flatted from a cactus at the top of the goat path.  Gabe still pounded out another two laps to finish in the A category.  Another Way To Go to all the new riders, especially Harrison who muscled his way through 2 laps in the B category.  Way to finish bro! 

If you rode the B category, I have your name down and you will receive 10 points for riding tonight.  This is so you could bump up to the A category later if you choose and you'll have a few points gathered up.  If you rode the A category, your results are below.  Riding in the A category will gain you points towards the end of the year awards.  Trophies and some unique plaques will be awarded for some of the riders who compete in this category all season.

Name Event 1 Time #1 pts #2 pts #3 pts #4 pts #5 pts #6 pts #7 pts #8 pts #9 pts      Total    
Adam L 58:09:00 50 50
Colby F 59:37:00 49 49
Josh J 1:01:15 48 48
Mike D 1:01:15 48 48
Leif J 1:02:30 46 46
Neil B 1:04:04 45 45
Ben E 1:05:10 44 44
Bryce S 1:08:50 43 43
Vance D 1:08:50 43 43
Mike B 1:13:45 41 41
Brian B 1:14:10 40 40
Keith W 1:15:53 39 39
Matt J 1:18:20 38 38
Jason G 1:23:15 37 37
Matt B 1:23:19 36 36
Fred G 1:26:55 35 35
Gabe H 1:32:57 34 34
Matt L                    Ride Host      33                                                                                              

Obviously I can see that part of these results are hidden behind our awesome sponsors.  I'll figure that out later. 

Thanks for making this event great and I can't wait for the next one!  May 16th.  Same time, different location.  I'll have a course description for you by the end of the week.  

If anybody took a picture that you would like to share on this blog, please send them to our email at

Keep the rubber side down!  

The Fat Fish Racing Team


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