Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Crossroads Challenge is just one week away and the FFR Team is so excited to share this free event  with the Casper area.  As a reminder, please RSVP (the poll to the right here) so we can bring enough food for everyone there.  Here is the whos, whats and why's you should come.  See you Monday!

Who:  ANYONE!  This ride is for anyone on any style of bike.  There is a hill that no BMX or Cruiser bike will be able to ride up, but you can walk your bike up the hill.  The rest of the course should be no problem with that type of bike.  This ride is for casual riders to competitive racers.  Bring your A game and ride in the faster A class.  If your not feeling it that night, ride in the B class and cruise the course at a more casual pace.

What:  A cross county style mountain bike ride.  The course will have one hill each lap and have a lot of singletrack.  The A class will do 4 laps and the B class will do 2 laps.  Expect to finish within 1.5 hours.

When:  6:30pm start on Monday May 2nd.  Be there a bit early so that you can sign the release form and warm up before the ride.  

Where:  Crossroads.  Park in the Mike Lansing Field parking lot on Poplar Street.  The ride starts near softball fields on your left as you are entering the parking lot area.

Why:  Because you are a winner!  You have pedals that need to be hammered on, tires that need to get dirty, lungs that need to burn, but most of all, you have people in Casper to meet and share this amazing sport with.  

If you have questions about the ride, please email the team at  

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