Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FFR Event #2.... AWESOME!

Way to go mountain bikers!!!  You guys all rocked on Monday.  Whether you finished in first place or made it as far as your lungs could take you before dark, you all get a tip of the hat from this guy.  Watching 37 men and women in the B Category all leave at once was a thing of beauty.  So many smiles and hoots and hollers from the riders meant that the FFR Team must be doing something right.  Thank you so much for all the encouragement.  All of your "thank you"s really mean a lot to us!  How about that schwagg people!  Do you like free stuff?? Heck yeah you do.  There will be more of that coming at the next ride on June 6th.  Until then, keep riding your bikes.  I know I know, it's raining out.  Well then get to Wind City Physical Therapy for an early morning indoor workout with Leif.  Do you want to get faster?  Leif will make that happen for you!

The results are posted below.  If you have a 0 next to your name it is because you were unaccounted for.  Please email or facebook us with how the ride went down for you.  Were you one of the three ? that didn't call their name to the time taker?  Please let us know so we can get this in order.   

Thanks FFR Fans!

Check out the lead pack of Cat A riders.  Brook, your an animal leading those three Fish up the mountain.  You can't tell by the picture, but at this time, Brook is pulling these guys through a 15 mph head wind.  Keep it up man!  I think a FFR jersey would like mighty fine on ya.  55 bucks for one of them.  Yup, we have some spare jerseys for sale if your interested.  

Top 3 Cat B riders from L to R: Ed, Gordon, Dustin.

Top 3 Cat A riders from L to R: Brook, Mike, Matt

 FREE STUFF!!!!   Thank you Pottery By You, Nic Art Museum, Schneider Electric, Western Distributors and everyone else for your donations and help with our rides.  THANK YOU!!

Grill Time!

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