Friday, May 13, 2011

Bessy Update

Just got off the phone with the landowner for final approval of the course.  We are a go!  The Fat Fish Racing Team is jacked about this ride.  So many RSVP's....... That's so cool.  Lets have an awesome night and ride as hard as we can to the top of that mountain!!!!!

I'm just wanting to go over the important ride info one last time.

6:15pm start time for all Cat B riders.
6:30pm start time for all Cat A riders.

At 7:45pm, we ask that everyone be heading down the mountain.

Be prepared for wind!  I am a huge fan of listening to music while the wind is blowing.  It helps to distract me from how annoying it is.  Just don't let your music get in the way of yours or anyone else's safety.

So far, there has been one rider who has requested to start early.  He will be starting to ride up at 5:30pm.  If you feel that you might not make it to the top by 7:45, then please start earlier.  Timing will then be your responsibility if you start prior to the two Category times.  To gauge yourself (look at the last ride results), Adam L rode the course in 35 minutes.

Majority rules here with the B Category.  Riders will be timed, names posted on the Internet, and points will be given just the same as Cat A.  If you object to this then just get ahold of one of the Fat Fish after the ride and let us know so we don't add you.

Women's Category?????   Talk to us after the ride.  I'm thinking that we could have a separate "Cat W" division where all women ride the same course as the Cat B rider and are timed and earn points against the other women.  Let us know what you think please.  If we don't get a response here, then we won't do it.

Looks like the weather is going to be great on Monday!!  What are you up to this weekend?  Fish are biting in town below any of the White Water Park rapids.  I hear the trout at Pathfinder are eating anything you throw in the water.  The golf courses look great, the Pathway is getting cleaned tomorrow from and both bike shops in town are open on Saturday for your spring tune-ups.  Tell them the Fat Fish sent you!


Anonymous said...

Everyone wish Adam L a Happy Birthday during the hill climb Monday!

Anonymous said...

Some O'le Bessy ride data

Brian B. said...

Thanks for the GPS profile!

Brian B. said...

Actually I just tried it and was informed I don't have the "privileges to view that activity"