Thursday, November 11, 2010

Saturday CX Race

The course is going to be a blast. Keep those fat tires on because there is plenty of twisty and techy terrain. The loop that Leif has for us all is a really fast rolling couple of miles that should take us about 7 to 10 minutes to complete. We will start by doing the same hillclimb/prelude that we did last race and then drop down into the loop that we will be hammering around for the remainder of the 60 minutes.

The trails tonight were all tacky with a few patches of sticky. We are thinking that the trails aught to be pretty hard at 9:30 am Saturday after a night of below freezing weather. Bring the warm gloves and a vest and some casual wear to hang out in after the race. I'll have some hot water for everyone, so bring your coco, coffee, tea mixtures to stay warm and hang out after the ride.

Can't wait to see you Saturday!
Thought I'd add a nice holiday inspired picture taken a few days ago from our driveway. I hope it is snowing during the race on Saturday. Enjoy!
Photo by Andrea Leiferman

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