Sunday, November 14, 2010

Morad Cyclocross Race. November 20th!

Saturday CX Race at crossroads recap: Snow was falling like sheets of paper and the wind was absent the whole morning. The trails were lightly covered in snow, making each corner a little slick. Each lap I would see new tire marks of people taking corners really wide and body marks in the snow from crash landings. So needless to say, Saturdays CX race at Crossroads was amazing. "I felt like a kid again", was said by a rider after the race, while we all enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. The course was a smoking fast 3 mile loop that Colby and Leif completed 4 times while the rest of us only managed 3 laps in the 60 minute limit. Thank you Leif for putting together a great course and for making it a very memorable one too (with the barriers so high that I'm thinking about carrying a step ladder the next time you set a course) hahahaha.

Do YOU want to feel like a kid again???

Then read below!

First I must say how excited the Fat Fish Racing Team is to say that we will be hosting another Cyclocross race this upcoming weekend. This time it will be at Morad Park. This little park is mostly known for its piles of dog do's littering the single track trails. If you are a road biker and have ridden through on the paved trail, you've probably done some cyclocross style moves jumping over dogs and leashes of granny walking her 2 Chihuahua's, 3 pitbulls and great dane.

After this upcoming weekend, Morad Park will have a totally new reputation of being the greatest place to have a cyclocross race, EVER! The park is small with a bunch of trails. I know that the laps will be short and that with the way the weather is looking (highs in the upper 40's) there will be some muddy trails!!! This race will be fun. I guarantee it!

This area will be awesome for spectators as well. The loop will go right next to the parking lot and you can set up your tri-pod for picture taking at one of the muddier sections of the course by walking about 1 minute south of the parking lot.

A bit muddy
You can probably expect to look like this guy after the race. This race will make you feel like a kid again.

I will be riding the trail later this week and will post all the information about the race after that. Probably Wed, or Thurs night.


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