Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thursday Night Throwdown!!

Hello again single track freaks. I just got down from the mountain an hour ago and am pumped for the Thursday night ride. The trail is amazing and it is actually BETTER than it was last week when Leif and I rode. The landowner did some trail work, clearing a down tree and making an AWESOME 4 foot wide path for us to finish/start each loop. The path that was cleared is a really fun and swoopy dirt trail which is wide enough for passing at the finish/start of each lap.
In new race news, the ride will be starting at 6pm instead of 6:30. So be there, ready to roll out at 6pm. There will be a race cut off time. Nobody will start a new lap after 7:15 because at about 7:45pm it is getting dark enough in the woods where you would want lights. Remember here folks, this is just for fun. So if you sign up for the Competitive 4 loop category and decide that you are better off just doing 3 loops, thats fine. In fact, I will give you a refund of your money if you DNF due to an injury or flat tire. Oh, did I mention that this competitive ride is free?

I rode the loop tonight and threw down about 10 signs that I made. These signs are only because I want you to be extra safe. There are no parts that are dangerous for you, but I am just taking extra precautions to ensure a fun ride. The photo above is showing you the part of the trail where you want to be in a really easy gear before you get to the bottom (you can see the bridge behind the second sign). This is not a dangerous place, but there are two signs there to let you know of a very steep (but very ridable) climb after the bridge. The climb is short and steep, so pedal fast and even with your butt on the nose of your saddle.
Above is a pic just showing you the ribbon which is placed on the trail. Just follow the markers of orange ribbon and orange flags. Below is another down hill section that is not dangerous, but challenging enough to throw a down arrow there to keep you alert.

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