Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Riding???

I hope you all are still riding those bikes. There may not be too many more days where we can ride in short sleeves. This Saturday I'll be in Laramie riding in the Stone Temple 8. That is an 8 hour race which I'm doing solo. Currently, there are 27 solo men and I am 1 of only 2 racers from Wyoming. I'm hoping to place top 3 and represent Casper and Wyoming on the podium. Tonight, I rode for 1:45 minutes at 80% and felt great. The bike is running pretty good, but a trip to Mountain Sports tomorrow will get the brakes working a bit better. Phil at Mountain Sports is an awesome bike mechanic and knows my bike and riding style, which means he knows how to dial in all of its components.

Anyways..... I think we are about due for another Fat Fish Racing Competitive Ride!!!

The Fat Fish are talking about doing a Cyclocross style of mountain bike race. There are very few people in Casper with cross bikes, but this will be a ride that we can all do on our fat tires. I will post new info on the blog as soon as we figure out what we plan on doing.

Enjoy the rest of the beautiful weather before it gets cold and remember...

Keep the rubber side down!


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