Monday, March 16, 2015

2015 Race Season!!

Racing season is just around the corner and Fat Fish Racing has another exciting year planned for cycling in Casper!!  There are many cycling events being planned in Casper this year and not just by the Fish.  We are excited to help out where we can with other races and gladly show our support by showing up on race day to compete.  We hope you are too!  

Lets start with the 7 race Monday night race series.  Much of the series will be the same as years past but there will be a few changes.  
-CATEGORY CHANGES: name change and addition of another group..... I always get asked, "what category should I race in?".  By changing the names this year, we hope to make that as simple transition as possible.  
the recreational category is for beginner level mountain bikers or for those who enjoy a more leasure pace without rubbing elbows with other racers.  Anyone can ride this category, but if you are in it to win it, we suggest moving up a category.  The ride/race distance will vary between 3-6 miles and the time we hope to have riders finish in is about 30 minutes.  
the sport category is a more advanced category with longer distances.  The racers in the sport category are only slightly competitive and enjoy having a fun time on the trails without making their lungs bleed.  Distances will vary between 6-10 miles and we are hoping that racers finish within 50-80 minutes
The competitive category is for the advanced racer that is just not quite ready for the longer distance of the expert category.  The distance of the competitive race will be the same as the Sport race, but the racers themselves are a little more cutthroat than the Sportsters.  Racers in this category are competitive and want to ride fast with the skills and fitness they have worked hard for.  Distances and course will be the same as the Sport category between 6-10 miles, but finishing times should be faster... around that 40-60 minute range.
The expert category is for the most advanced racers.  The distance and the competition level is tough.  Sometimes there may be different sections of the course that are more advanced and technical than the others.  Course distances will range from 10-15 miles (Except for the 6 mile hill climb race and the short track race).  Finishing times should take anywhere from 60-90 minutes.  

-We are so thankful for our new and renewing sponsors who help make this series possible, but to ensure the long life of Fat Fish and the series, we will again be charging $20 for the ENTIRE YEAR of racing.   That $20 bill gets you into gravel rides, mountain bike races/rides, and three cyclocross races.  If you were to make it to every event we hosted, you're looking at about 75cents per ride.  Try to find anything like this anywhere else in the WORLD!!  You won't.  We are proud of that!
-The mountain bike series will have the same vibe as years past.  Fun and family friendly.  As always, we will constantly be trying to improve our timing skills and working toward providing the racers with the best quality results we can.  Keep in mind, nobody is a professional here :) 
-A huge thank you to QDOBA and JC BURGER for donating food to a few of our races this year!!  
-We are working on finding food trucks to offer food for sale at the other events this year instead of offering and serving free food.  

-Race dates are as follows
-May 18 Squaw Creek
-June 1 Bessemer Mountain Hill Climb
-June 15 Casper Mountain Short Track
-June 29 Casper Mountain
-July 13 Muddy Mountain
-July 27 Mosteller's Crossing
-August 10 Lamberson's Loop

All of the races will have registration open from 5-6:15 and the races start at exactly 6:30pm each night.  Kids races will be announced a week prior to the event.  
If you do not plan on racing the whole series, individual races will cost you 5 dollars.

Additional events in 2015 that Fat Fish either is hosting or supporting:
April TBD will be two gravel grinders 30-75 mile options (BUILD YOUR BASE!!)
May 5,12,19 are bike maintenance nights hosted by Make-A-Wish Foundation and local bike shops.  
May 9th- Rattlesnake Rally Gravel Grinder (60 or 120 miles)
June 7th- Casper Marathon (bikers needed for aid and support)
June 13th- Glendo Trails Fest!
June 18/19- Wyoming Trails Summit in Casper
June 20th-Make A Wish Foundation 5k run/bike ride in downtown Casper
August 22nd- American Mountain Bike Challenge (USA Cycling sanctioned race) Casper Mountain.  This is an incredible opportunity to race with pro and amateur athletes from around the nation.  Also Riverfest weekend.
Sept?, Oct?, Nov? Cyclocross races with the WY State Championships finishing off the year. 

Happy Trails!
Fat Fish Racing