Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gravel? I think so!

Call it a ride or a race or a tour.  Call it whatever you want.  For me, it is going to be great training for the upcoming race season.  Pack on the big miles to get fast and build up your endurance.  There will be just a few prizes to be given away which we've received from  

Rides start at 8am on the dates indicated on the flyer.  The milage on the flyer are the "short" distances and the "long" distances are double.  For rides 1 and 2, just do the course twice.  For race #3, we have a completely different 120 mile loop around the Rattlesnake mtn range just west of casper.

SELF SUPPORTED!!  This ride is all on your own or you and you buddies if you want to use it as a group ride.  All we are providing is a route.  There area a few minimum requirements to ride however....  
-2 spare tubes
-Tire pump (pumps are preferred over many Co2 cartriges in case you want to adjust tire pressures during the ride)
-Tire levers
-Chain tool (know how to use it!)
-2 quick links for  your chain
-items to fix a huge cut in the sidewalls of your tires (Just in case)
-At least 70 ounces of water (more for "long" distance riders

Course descriptions:

#1- This 35 mile loop has a mix of pavement and gravel that starts at Crossroads Park (by the baseball fields where the Cutthroats play).  Here is a link to the map
The map is downloadable, exportable to your own GPS, and you can even print out the route with turn by turn help.   The long distance dudes will do 2 laps.

#2- The 48 mile out and back is going to be amazing!!  Great terrain and a very cool hill climb.  Nearly all gravel.  Here is a link to the course  
The long course riders will do this course twice minus going into town for the second time around.  Starting point is the pizza cafe in downtown Glenrock.  

#3- The 63 mile out and back is a historic route.  The Old Oregon Trail Road.      The "short" distance takes you from poison spider school southwest to highway 220.  Its a beautifully quiet ride and you'll be lucky to even see one vehicle the whole day sharing the road with you.  The same goes for the 120 mile Rattlesnake Rally route.  Also starting from poison spider school this route goes straight west to the old site of Ervay (somehow it is still on a WY map).  15 miles of this course are on pavement while the rest is on gravel.  The road conditions vary from fast hardpack, to rough and rutted.  Be prepared.  NO AID AT ALL on the whole 120 mile route.   Course can be found here

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