Friday, November 8, 2013

This is the end!!

End of the 2013 CX season that is. We have dubbed this as the "unofficial" Wyoming State CX Championships. We'd love to see people from Casper and from around the state piling out of their vans, buses, or pinto's  with smiling faces and ready to have fun!  This race will have all of the normal CX festivities, complete with barriers, obstacles, hand ups, and whatever else we can dream up to make it fun. The snow may or may not be there, but no matter what we will be racing! There will be three categories for all abilities. Don't have a CX bike? No worries...Bring what you got. Maybe there will be another 18" of snow like the first and you will want to ride your new fat bike:) That's ok also. New to this race will be age categories with prizes for the top guys and gals in each of those age brackets. We are stoked(we must be mountain bikers) for this race and can't wait to see you all there. We will be registering for this race on right here to the right. Registration will open on Sunday the 10th at Midnight. No need to beet down the door though as we won't cap off racers or turn anyone down from racing. See you there!!

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