Friday, August 23, 2013

Poker Bike Ride
Join us for a fun event to precede the Fat Fish Picnic on Monday August 26th! This is a great opportunity to expose Casper to Fat Fish Racing and a fun opportunity to expose 5 great downtown businesses to all the Fat Fish and their families. The ride is available all day on Monday and all businesses will be open by 11AM and the earliest will close by 6PM so plan your route accordingly. The goal of the event is to ride your bike to each of 5 locations and collect one playing card per participant (no age limit! if your toddler is in a bike seat or trailer they can play) the best hand wins. Simple right?!
1. You must do the ride on a bicycle, Uni, tricycle, big wheel, get the idea.
2. All participants must wear a helmet and follow all traffic safe this isn't a race.
3. Have fun.

Represent Fat Fish Bonus: If you represent Fat Fish while participating in the Poker Ride you will be able to take ANY one of your cards and raise(not lower) it by one number OR keep the number and pick an alternate suit. So, for example, if you have an 8 of Clubs you can bump it to a 9 of Clubs. This also goes for face cards with aces high. If you have an 8 of clubs you can switch it to an 8 of diamonds, for example. How do you represent? Wear a Fat Fish Jersey or any piece of Fat Fish clothing. OR put your number plate on your bike or make a number plate to show Fat Fish pride.
Off the Wall Bike Bonus: The rider who is voted (by our esteemed panel of judges) to have ridden the most interesting bicycle in the ride will be able to make any card in their hand into a wild card. If this rider "represents" and is "off the wall" they get to take advantage of both bonuses.
Poker Ride Locations

1. JC Burger 
    711 East Collins     open until 6PM (normally 4 but they are staying around until 6 so thank them!)
2. Durbin Street Golf
    327 North Durbin     open until 6PM (normally 5:30 so thank them!)
3. Wonder Bar
    256 South Center    open until late
4. Mountain Sports
    543 South Center    open until 6PM
5. Grant Street Grocery
    815 South Grant      open until 7PM
You can ride the route any way you wish and in any order. Don't be late to the party where we will announce the top 3 prize winners.

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