Sunday, April 28, 2013


I don't know about you, but my cycling tan is coming in goooooooood :)  So happy to be riding in shorts again.   It was great to see so many people wave to me on the road today and see so many tire tracks on the dirt at Yesness.  It sure is nice that drivers are seeing the cyclists on the roads.  Makes me almost think about going for road bike rides more often..... almost.  Until the day I need a walker to get around, I'll stick with what i've loved since a little kid, DIRT!! 

Wow, were the trails at Squaw Creek AMAZING today!!  You all are going to be so stoked to ride these trails.  Find my strava page to retrace my path or else wait a couple weeks and Gordy and I will have the race course mapped out.  May 20th is coming quick, so I hope you are prepared.  The course we set will have trails named "the grunt", "death march", and "widow maker".  But don't worry, there are also trails named "if granny can do it", "no brakes" and "precious".  I'm totally kidding.

Hope you are all getting those waivers sent in.  Make sure you come by Mountain Sports on Saturday the 11th of May.  You'll get your sick number plate and we get to talk about mountain biking for hours.  It will be awesome!

Ride hard everyone and see you soon,

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