Monday, February 18, 2013

The good life!

We sure do have it good here in Casper!  Such amazing recreation opportunity within a very short drive (or bike ride) of our homes.  Skiing this morning was so much fun and after this message, I'll be going for an easy gravel road bike ride to spin out my legs.  There are so many amazing people here to!!  Lots of friendly people to help you along your way in what ever endeavor you choose to go on.  I've been very blessed to meet so many of you out there on the trails and can't wait to meet more racers this summer!

Lately, I've been racking my brain on setting my race schedule and I hope you are too.  March will be a fatbike race at Togwotee and April will be half filled with races including the Rumble at 18 Road in Fruita and the first race of the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series.   Both will be really fun races and I hope to see some other Casper rippers out there racing to.  May will be an exciting month with the Gowdy Grinder and the start of the Fat Fish Racing Series on May 20th.  Race #1 will be the Squaw Creek Season Opener.  This new location will blow your mind!  The first time I rode the area I was like, "what? this is public land... and it's in Casper???  holy moly".   We think you'll love it as much as the few of us that know about it.  The loop that we have in mind is roughly 5 miles and B riders will do 2 laps while A riders do 3.  The beginner/C category will have a shortened loop to avoid "headwind hill".  The shortened lap will be roughly 3 miles and the beginners will be able to ride 1 or 2 laps.  Kids Race??  OH YEAH!!  

Enjoy some recent photos of training and having fun this winter.  Can't wait to start racing with you all again!!  ~adam 

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