Monday, October 1, 2012

Cowbell Cross course preview

My GPS didn't pick up the elevation gain, but tracked the course nicely.  Click on the link and switch the view to "satellite map" for a better view of the area.  Then you can see the structures and terrain better.   The kids course will not cross the park road for their safety.  Lots a features on this course and a really fast lap.  This 5 minute lap was done at an upbeat tempo, but not race pace at all.  I'm thinking the Open category riders might get in 10 or 12 laps!!  This will be the best spectator friendly race you've seen all year!!

First race starts at 11am.  Course will be open to pre-ride 20 minutes before each race.  The weather will be chilly, so wear warm cloths, but expect to ditch the jacket at the starting line.  Start the race feeling a little cold/cool and you'll warm up within seconds of the words GOOOOOOOOOO  :)

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