Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Cyclocross is ALL that I think about now!!  I had to pull up some photos of Fish StiCX races from the past two years.  Each year, they get more fun.  This season is going to be a blast and we really want to focus on getting the kids to come and ride their bikes.  It doesn't matter if they have training wheels or one of those bikes that don't have pedals..... Your kids will LOVE riding and will love watching you race at these events.  Put a cowbell in a kids hand and tell them to make noise.... oh yeah, you know they will be smiling all day long :)  

Enjoy these old pictures....  I hope we get one race with a ton of snow like we have the last two years.  They are so much fun to ride in the elements!  


If you knock over a barrier, the penalty is that you must put it back together before taking off again.  Leif didn't hit this one, but picked it up anyway.... Classic Leif!

The result of not committing to a super fast approach up to a barrier :)

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