Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mountain bike "Racing" is nearly over with only two more Wyoming races:  1) Sept 16th Bearlodge Classic in Sundance WY and 2) Sept 22nd Jurassic Classic in Lander WY.  Those two races would be great to end your fat tire fetish on.  After that, take a week off and work on your bikes.  If you rock the 29er wheels, did you know that you could slap on a pair of skinny cyclocross tires???  Thats what I do.  Hey, not everyone can afford thousands for another bike, so why not less then 100 bucks for an insanely fast CX setup that will get you moving faster than you ever have on the fat tires.  You do sacrifice the "cush" of the big rubber, but having a smaller contact patch = speeeeeeeed.

Save the date of October 6 for Race #1 of the Fat Fish Cyclocross Series.  This will be a 3 race series that is guaranteed to have you smiling while you race.  Super fun, super spectator friendly, many laps on a short course.  Times and locations will be posted in about a week.

Until then, click on the links below if you'd like to look at some great photos of the local racers in action.  Thanks Brian Petterson for sharing!

Photo's from the Fat Fish BBQ with final series winners on the podium.

Photo's from the Fat Fish Mountain Bike Series Finale

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