Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cyclocross Practice

Hey racers!

Adam is hosting a cyclocross practice at Mike Sedar Park this Wednesday, 9/19/2012.  6:15pm start.  We talk a bit about what Cyclocross is, why EVERYONE should ride cyclocross and then do some drills.  Anyone can race cyclocross and the practice is for beginners to intermediate riders.  Some of the more advanced racers may get bored with the pace.  Thats OK :)  We will have fun on our bikes and get more pumped about the first Fat Fish Racing CX Race on October 6th.

Any bike is welcome... Seriously!!  There are only about 5 people in Casper with cross bikes anyway.  Shoot, I'm riding a mountain bike with skinny tires on it and calling it a cross bike.  Ride whatever bike you want.


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