Monday, July 9, 2012

A little direction

For those of you who do not know where we race on Muddy Mountain, I'll try to give you some good directions. Most likely you'll be able to follow the line of bikes on top of cars and trucks. Remember that parking is limited and to car pool if at all possible.

Go up Casper Mtn. Road and stay on it past Bear Trap meadow. The pavement will end and you just continue straight. You shouldn't have to turn off this road at all until its time to park. Stay on the gravel road and you will start your climb up Muddy Mountain. If your teeth are bouncing out of your mouth due to the nasty washboard, then your on the right track. When you show up ready to ride with a big ole grin, we'll give you a big toothless smile right back. After a ways the road will level out and you will be heading predominately east. You will cross a cattle guard with a gazebo shortly after. Here the road splits. Stay left and it will take you past the Rim Campground. (Make note of this as you can come up on the weekends, campout and ride your bike on these new trails you just learned). The road will make a sharp curve to the right and you will be headed due South. Not to far after this is where you will park and get ready for another great night of Fat Fish Racing.

Good Luck! Be Careful! Thanks for coming!

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