Sunday, June 3, 2012

Directions to the Hill Climb

We can't wait to see you tomorrow night!  Bring plenty of water as this is going to be a warm one.  Beginners will start at 6pm with a pre-ride meeting starting 5 minutes the prior.  Sport and Expert racers will begin at 6:15pm with staging and a pre-race meeting 5 minutes prior.  Bring extra water!

To get here, start by driving out of casper on Hwy 220 towards Alcova.  Approximately 8 miles past the west side walmart will be the turn off for Bessemer Bend (just a little past the Goose Egg Inn Restaurant). There is a sign for Bessemer Bend Rd and also a brown sign that says "Historical Site 2", but due to construction, the road is difficult to see.  So just be prepared for this right hand turn.  We will also try to post a Fat Fish sign on this road sign.  From here, just stay on the pavement until you see the historical site.  You WILL NOT MISS IT :)

Please carpool if possible.  If parking space is getting tight, try parking on Speas Road as the traffic on that road is much less then Bessemer road.

See you tomorrow and remember to bring extra WATER!!

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