Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Minute Details

Hey Racers,

Hopefully everyone is super excited to race this Sat. We appreciate everyone's willingness to support the CAMBYR team and hope that everyone has a good time doing so. We also want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable race day. To accomplish that, make sure you show up a little early. We are doing our best to promptly start at the designated times. We have three start times(10, 11, and 12:30) Ten minutes prior to each of those start times we will hold a pre-race meeting. It's here that you will be briefed on any safety issues, course concerns, etc. We may be a little limited on parking if we have a huge turnout, and for this reason encourage you to car pool or park nearby and ride to the race. For those wishing to spectate the start/ finish will be good as most of the prologue is visible from the parking lot. Another good place is up at Yesness Pond. Thanks again and look forward to seeing and meeting new and familiar faces.

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