Monday, April 9, 2012

5 days to race

With 5 days left to the first important race of the year, I thought I would share some tips and race day info leading up to Saturday.  A whole gang of the Fish and Friends (That name is copyrighted... jk) are headed to Fruita, CO to race against some of CO and UT's finest.  We are all prepared to show em what Wyo's got to offer.  I think all the new jerseys will be in on Friday, so we all are going to be looking pretty shnazzy out there on the trails too!

My advice for today is something that is not new to you, even though you probably have not converted yet...  That is converting your tubed wheels and tires to a tubeless set-up.  It is so nice to be tubeless where we live because of all the cactus.  I went all of last year without having to fix a flat or even add new tire sealant to my wheels.  The Stan's tubeless or Cafe Latex tubeless fluids have worked so great for me and most of the Fat Fish Racing Team.  We all use it and love the stuff.  You can run lower air pressure in your tires which means you'll get better traction and "float" over the small trail chatter that you would normally feel on a tubed wheel where you need to run a higher PSI to avoid pinch flats.

Oh, and it makes your bike lighter too!!

One thing......   The directions say to refill your tires with sealant every 3 to 5 months.... DO IT!!  Check out this sealant booger that i pulled out of tire yesterday :)   The old sealant dried up over the winter and its a good thing I checked it out.  The tires held air just fine, but if I would have run over a cacti during the race on Saturday, there would have been no fluid in the tire to fill the hole.  Wheeewww, glad I caught that one!

More tips tomorrow
Have a nice ride!

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