Sunday, March 18, 2012

At 7:15am we took off for what was an amazing Saturday morning group ride.  The weather was perfect for Casper, this time of year and the wind didn't hurt us until the very end.  That was the nice thing about leaving that early.

Matt "the maniac", rode his frankenstein bike with a mix of mountain bike and road bike parts rolling on cyclocross tires.  Besides the few muddy sections in the road where the brakes would clog with gunk, this bike is perfectly suited for the gravel road rides.  

 Neil "the real deal", Ben "the beast" and Adam "Griz" opted for 29er hardtails.  Next time I will put on some heavier tires on the road bike.  When the roads are dry, I know a road bike would FLY on this route.  Can't wait to do it again.  How about next weekend?

 The real deal, Beast and Maniac, pose for a quick picture before we head up Ryan's Hill.  This long hill gets steeper as you get closer to the top!  Its a great climb and was the turnaround point for Ben and Neil who totaled 45 miles for the day.
 Matt and Adam dared to venture further on the road to make it all the way to Pathfinder.  Due to all the wet roads, Matts bike was not doing very good.  We turned around just ~4 miles shy of Hwy 220
 But not before seeing this huge sink hole in the road.  Wouldn't want to fall into that pothole!

The views and roads are absolutely beautiful on this route.  I hope to share it with all of you in the future.  This would make an excellent gravel road race.  The roads were so nice, that a road bike would be the fastest bike to race this route on.  Thanks Kevin for giving me these 29er slick tires!  I never thought I'd use them, but they are the bomb on gravel.

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