Thursday, February 2, 2012

As I sit here on the computer looking at all the amazing racing options of 2012, I have Race Across The Sky playing in the background on the TV.  The Leadville 100 looks like it would be one of those races to have on the bucket list.  

Another one of the races to have your list......   24 Hours of E-Rock!  

The Fish will have two more teams going in 2012.  I heard that some of the Casper Mountain Racers, downhill ski team, were thinking about making an 8 person team?!!  That would be awesome to have them join us.  We would love to have more of these Wyoming tents down there kicking some CO butt!

Enjoy the pics

Keith warming up before race start.  The unique thing about this 24 hour race is that it starts at 6pm on Friday.  So you have Sunday to recover before you go back to work.... if you need it :) 

We heard that it was really important to be at the start early.  That was very true.  Chris got there 20 minutes early and was up in the front.  Keith, although having really fast lap times later in the race, got to the start with 5 minutes to spare.  This lead to a pretty slow first lap because he was stuck behind racers on the trail.  Next year, you'll see multiple Fish on the starting line!

This was no small race!

Kevin getting ready to cheer on Keith and the other brother.

 The race started with about a 50 yard run with the bike before you could mount up and roll.  Notice the guy with a Cross bike behind Chris.  This course has little to no technical riding, so strong legs and little brains mean fast laps.  

Kevin waiting on Chris to return before he heads out for his first go round.  
Kevin came in smoking hot on his first lap and nearly killed this lady.  Good work Kev! 

No night shots......  We did our best to rest.  It got cold, sharing tents was not a good idea, you were constantly worried about missing your turn to ride, you could only get about an hour of sleep before getting up and preparing for your next lap, and some people snore.  It was not a restful night. 

Ray says, "nothing like a bottle of Honey Milk after a long night of racing"  

Adam looking for Leif to pull up so he can head out for a lap.  Matt standss by in between laps.  

Here comes Leif... There goes Adam.

Leif after finishing his lap and walking through the timing tent. 

Chris ready to go.  Watch for Chris to break a course record in 2012!  Aboard a 29er hardtail or his Cyclocross bike, I think it's possible.  

Chris and Ray doing their best to rest between laps.  We all had time to shut our eyes, but with all the comotion that goes along with a 24 hour race, nobody could actually sleep.  Just resting!

Emil looks pretty fresh and happy for a guy who just slayed an 8.25 mile lap in 30 minutes!

Keith is there with some moral support while inbetween laps.  Leif is waiting on Kevin to return so he can roll.  Superman also loves mountain biking... who knew

Chris went out for the last "safety" lap for the team.  We were certain that we were in the lead, but one extra lap at the end sealed the deal so that no team could sneak up on us.  

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