Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 is here and so far we've stuck to our resolutions :)  Eat better, ride every Saturday no matter what the weather is, training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, stretch more, build the core.... etc...  That last one is so important!  Building your core will help with back pain, stability, AND your chances with the ladies ;)

New for 2012, the Fat Fish have been sponsored by a local gym that just rocks.  It is a cross fit gym called Mountain Fit  This place is a bare bones style gym geared towards getting you FIT!  You won't find a home decorating show to watch while you lallygag around on the elliptical.  What you'll get here at Mountain Fit is professional trainers that want to see you get stronger.  It is just a perfect facility for us.  Leif is kicking our butts with some intense workouts and each one is getting harder and harder.  The Fish are training for races all over the country in 2012.  Many of us have our eye on the Laramie Enduro, Pierre's Hole, Breckenridge 100, The Rocky Mountain Endurance Series, and Nationals. The Black Hills Fat Tire Festival sounds fun to and is on Memorial weekend.  This race is fun, relaxed and cool, so it would make a great race for those a little intimidated by the huge, and way to serious, races of CO.

We all hope that you are having a nice Winter and getting to spend some time in the gym or on the bike.  We are so excited to host another Free race series again!  Hope you are too.  The next full moon night ride is on.... well, the next full moon (look at a calendar).

One last thing.  This next Saturday we are going to wrap up the search to find sponsors who want to be on the team jersey.  So if you are a guy or gal interested in sponsoring the team (sponsoring the team means sponsoring the series too), please get a hold of me within the next week or you won't be able to get your company logo on the jersey.  email at  Also, if you are interested in a 2012 team jersey, let us know.  Maybe you would like a sleeveless, long sleeve or winter jerseys.  We can do that too.

See you out there on trails.  Crossroads is nice right now.  Don't be afraid of a little snow and 30+mph wind :)  ~adam

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