Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SOUPer Cross update

Mountain Sports 


The Fat Fish are so excited to host this upcoming CYCLOCROSS race.  Saturday will be a beautiful day to ride and race.  The day starts with the bike/ski swap at the Hall of Champions building at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds.  Just drive into the fairgrounds and you can't miss it.  There will be signs :)  

The course is going to be fun.  We will have lots of turns and obstacles for all categories.  The flyover is only going to be used for the Sport and the Comp categories.  The Kids and Recreational categories will do the same course, but bypass the flyover.  If you don't know what a flyover is, youtube "cyclocross flyover" and I'm sure some video's will show up.  

Hosting this race at the Fairgrounds during the ski/bike swap is a huge opportunity for cycling in Casper.  We hope that you can come and join us to show everyone how amazing this sport is and how Casper is a great place to ride a bike. 

Bring all the noise making tools you have.  The louder the better!!!

See you soon!


I searched everywhere to find pictures of the three Fat Fish Racers who raced a few days ago at their events.  Neil is pictured in the top two with Emil racing in the last pic.  Was hard to find one of Belser when there were over a thousand other people racing.

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