Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pictures from race 1 of Fish StiCX Cross Series

 Gordon Edwards lookin dang good in the Fat Fish colors

 Joel Simonsen leading the Sport Category over the barriers in beginning of lap 1

 Gordon leaping over the barrier in lap 2 of the 4 lap race.  Gordon was in second place for 2 and a half laps until a mechanical messed up his rhythm.  He cut the course on his 3rd lap to take the DNF but we wouldn't let him.  He grabbed someone elses bike and headed out for 2 more laps.  Great job Gordon

 Ethan Murray flyin over the barriers in the Sport Category

 Leif leading Paul (from Gillette) through the prairie

 Neil Benton, dismounting and jumping the barriers

 Bryce Straka doesn't  need to get off his bike.  He jumped clear over each barrier during the race.  These barriers were over a foot and UP HILL!  Nice job B

Keith Wharton over the barriers

 Head down and hammering to the finish.
 Emil Gercke, just 10 seconds back.  Him and I battled back and forth the entire race.  A last lap attack in a windy section gave me a 3 second gap into the single-track.  The single-track was where I had an advantage being that I was on a mountain bike.  I gained another 2 seconds on Emil there before we got back out to some longer open sections where Emil had been gaining on me each of the previous laps.  Now that it was the last lap I totally emptied my tank to try and hold off Emil.
 Above: Adam and Emil huffing and puffing after their hard effort
Below: Leif and Paul at the sprint to the finish
 They both put it all out there with Paul winning the sprint by just a half a wheel.  Great finish guys!

 They gave it their all in a great race and congratulated each other on such a fun finish.  Competitors AND gentlemen.

 Above: Neil spinning in to the finish with Keith hot on his tail.
Below: Keith hammering all the way through the finish line.
 Bryce finishing the cyclocross race out hard on his full suspension All Mountain mountain bike.  You'll have to ask him, but I doubt he used his drop seat post today :)  Way to go Bryce

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting all the pictures and the descriptions of the race. For those of us who can't be there, or live far away, it feels like we are there cheering everyone on. Thank you to all the participants, too. You are an inspiration to get on a bike!