Monday, September 12, 2011


One last thing before I head up the mountain to set the course with Leif........  Tonight will be the last time that we will ASK for donations to Joshua's Storehouse.  The Fish will gladly take any donation to them at any time of the year.  But, this being the last series race will make this the last time that we ask for a dollar. So please, grab that dollar sitting on your dresser, grab the refried beans that have been in your cupboard for 5 months now, or anything else you would like to donate (Jay say's they are pretty short on volunteers down there ;).

Also, I just noticed a comment on how to get information about the Fat Fish.  Well, if there is anything about us that you would like to know, just email the team at  I am pretty prompt with my emails and an email is a little less public than the blog :)

See you tonight!

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