Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sept 17 end of year bash!

The end of the year mountain bike adventure is in the works and is set for Sept 17th.  We have an exciting and fast course set up with details of the trail below.  We are going to have some baked goods and tons of water for everyone.  There are going to be TWO racing options for you depending on how epic you want to take it.  One 13.2 mile lap for the short course and Two 13.2 mile laps for the long course.  

You can do this!!!!  This race will be the final challenge of the year and should be easy for you after a great summer of riding.  Can't wait to see you on Monday and we can talk about this some more.  9am is the start time for the Sept 17th Bates Bike Bash and Monday's ride will be on Muddy Mountain and will start at 6:45pm.

How to get to Bates:
From Casper follow Wyoming Highway 220 west approximately 18 miles.  Turn left (south) onto Highway 487.  Continue Approximately 20 miles & turn left (east) on Bates Creek stock trail road (county road 403).  Drive up dirt road 2.2 miles looking for a cattle loading dock this will be the parking area, start & finish

Trail break down from beginning of CR 403
2.2 is parking, start/finish
2.5 pass by stock pond on right
2.8 ride to top of hill
2.9 double-track goes right, stay on main road
3.4 at bottom of hill
3.8 top of hill
4.4 come to fork in road.  Turn left (north) on double-track.  Go through gate just off the main road
4.5 go through gate
4.6 faint double-track goes left. Stay on main dbl-tk
4.9 begin uphill
5.3 at ridge top.  Good view of Gates drainage
5.7 Trail forks. Go right.  Look for old windmill off to the right about 200 yards
6.3 go through gate
6.6 trail forks, stay right
7.3 go through gate
8.1 come to saddle on ridge
8.7 pass by stock pond. Trail goes left around pond
8.9 top of saddle, with water tank
9.0 go through gate
9.2 back on county road
11.2 back at fork (4.4 mile) continue down road to start
13.2 finish 

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