Friday, August 5, 2011

Muddy Mountain Maze

Dear Fat Fish Racing friends, 

 I must apologize right now for waiting this long to have a group ride on Muddy Mountain.  While you are ripping though the single track, flowing around corners, bunny hopping rocks, and wheely'in over sticks, you will probably be thinking the same thing I was last night.....  Why in the world have I NEVER RIDDEN THIS BEFORE!!!!  This trail is amazing!  Maybe you have rode Muddy Mountain before... Then you know that there are so many trail options that this particular loop will probably be new to you.  

As far as physical strain goes: THIS IS THE EASIEST course we have set so far!  Any and every skill level will love this trail!

As far as technical skill goes:  There are a few spots early in the loop where the trees are pretty tight.  Slow down, squeeze through, and pedal on..... If you've ever mountain biked IN. YOUR. LIFE., you can handle this trail.  It is an amazing trail that is fun for all skill levels!  Can't wait to see you Monday

The ride will start with a .68 mile ripping gravel road (pictured above).  Get ready for a hard right turn into the single track.  We will have plenty of tape and some arrows to keep you on track ;)

The rest of the pics are just shots along the trail.    enjoy!

Posting flags, not puking.  haha


Check out this profile pic of the trail (above).  The trail flows so well, you don't even feel like your gaining elevation in the first 3 miles.  The Whopping 120' climb in the last 3/4 mile will not break you.  

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