Thursday, August 11, 2011

2 plus ONE MORE!!!!!

We are having too much fun out there folks and I just don't want to deprive any of you new riders who are just discovering Fat Fish Racing here at the end of the Summer.  That is why we are NOT going to move the last Monday ride!  We are going to add another ride!!! Yeahhhhhh Here are the dates and locations of the final three rides:

Monday August 22nd on Muddy Mountain.  6:45pm start time
Monday Sept 12th on Casper Mountain. 6:30pm start time
Saturday Sept 17th at Bates Creek.  9:00am start time

The two Monday rides are the final two rides that will be counted towards the series standings while the Saturday ride is going to be the first Annual, End of the season Epic adventure.  You have been riding your bike all summer, you've lost a few pounds, you've gotten faster and your in the best shape you've been in since college.  It's time for an 'epic' :)

Details will follow here in a few days.  Until then, get on your bikes and ride folks!  Have you been to Glendo this year?  How about Alcova to ride John's Way Up?  That trail is sweet and cool enough to ride 2 or three times as a great training ride.  Get fit hamming up hill on it, then build your technical riding skills by coasting down.  Keep riding and recover right so you can get out and ride the next day.


Fat Fish Racing