Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mountain bikers rule!

All of you B category riders rock!  Thanks for putting up with 6 super fast One Mile Loops!  I didn't know that I was fibbing when I said that the loop was only .5 miles, I must have had a computer glitch or something.  I honestly thought that the loop was .5 miles.  So that means that all of the B category riders did DOUBLE the distance and you all get a tip of the hat from me for pushing yourselves that hard last night.  GREAT JOB!!!  Results will be posted by tomorrow morning.

Lots of Photos were taken of all the riders, so when I get them mailed to me, I'll post them on facebook.  Join Fat Fish Racing on Facebook for the most current news on the team and the ride series.

WOMENS ONLY RIDE THIS WEDNESDAY!!!  Brooke will be hosting it and will meet any and all women to do a group mountain bike ride at 6:15pm on Casper Mountain.  Email Brooke at fatfishracing@gmail.com to find out directions.

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