Thursday, July 7, 2011

Monday Ride Details

Hey all you mountain biker maniacs!  This Monday we will have the privilege to ride some of the area's best couple miles of single track.  The ride will be free for everyone who attends but please bring a donation for the Joshua's Food Bank.  These guys really need the donations.  Whether you have a dollar in your pocket or a can of cherries in your cupboard, there are others in the Casper Area that could really use it more than we do.  Lets Ride For A Cause!!!!

Speaking of a ride..... Get your chain lubed up, your tires filled to about 25psi (assuming you've made the smartest decision ever and are running tubeless tires) and put the CLEAR lenses in your sunglass frames.  This ride is a 2.5 mile loop consisting of trees, trees, then some trees, a couple creek crossings, a little mud, roots, trees, and then a few rocks.... Oh and some more trees!

That means that this trail is tight in both senses of the word.  Meaning narrow single track AND just a plain ol' awesome ride!  As soon as my crappy phone sends me the pictures that I took last night (which has taken up to 3 days), I'll post a few pictures that I took consisting of a creek crossing and some close trees.

You should know that this is a pretty technical trail but is completely doable by anyone that has joined us this year or riders with like abilities.  The trail has a bunch of tight turns, some short but steep climbs, 4 bridges, some mud holes, and a few very short rocky sections.  This is not a dangerous trail!  So come enjoy these obstacles with us because this is what makes mountain biking!!

WHO: Anyone can ride as long as they sign a waiver.  Under 18 is ok, but parents need to sign the waiver for them.

WHAT:  Ride 2.5 miles of real mountain biking!  Almost all single track with a little bit of wide trails mixed in.  B category riders have the option of doing 1 or 2 laps depending on how you are feeling.  A category riders will compete against each other in a 3 lap lung burner!

WHEN:  Monday, July 11th.  EVERYONE starts at 6:30 pm.  Food, drinks, and fire pit area follow the ride for hanging out.

WHERE:  We have permission to park in the Hogadon Ski Area parking lot.  Go up Casper Mountain Road, take a right at the Y (by the restaurant) then follow the pavement for about 1.5 miles to the parking lot.

Why:  Because we are raising money and food for Joshua's Storehouse, and because mountain biking raises confidence, gets you in the best shape ever, you will meet new people and because you'll almost always win something after the ride :)  Gotta love our Sponsors!!!

See you Monday!

Oh, this weekend Winter Park is hosting a sweeeeeeeeet race.  Only 4.5 hours south.   Lots of elevation there since it's on a ski hill.
XC race is on Saturday while the Super D race is on Sunday.  Would make a great place to spend your weekend!

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