Saturday, May 21, 2011

Number Plates

We have run into the greatest problem EVER!!  There are enough people riding at the Fat Fish Racing Events that timing has become a bit of an issue.  So to relieve this problem, we are going to have all of you make your own number plates for the year.  This will start at the next event and everyone NEEDS to make their own plate.  You will notice on the "preliminary results" post below, that each person has a plate number next to their total points.  For example, Mike D (the series leader in A Category) has a plate number of A1.  A indicates the category he is in, while the number 1 indicates his ranking.

If you are not on these results but plan on making it to the next event, make your own number up.  If you are going to ride in the B category, come up with a number.  Just start your plate number with the letter B so we know you are in the B category.  Be creative and use a number greater than what is already being used on the preliminary results post.

Below is a pic of Matt L at 24 hours of Moab with his plate number on.  Your plate number can be zip tied, twisty tied or taped to your handlebars and cables.  This will make it easy for the people helping with times.  I'm planning on using the back side of this plate number, but an actual paper plate will work just fine too.

Be creative with you plate numbers!  Have fun with your plate and remember to keep them in good condition so you can reuse them at each event.

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