Thursday, December 9, 2010

EKW Cyclocross Race This Saturday

Get excited bikers!! With temps in the low 30's and a good chance of snow on Saturday, the weather will be ideal for a short track Cyclocross race. The race will be at Edness Kimbal Wilkens State Park. Get your fiends and carpool, as there is a couple dollar entry fee. Or just ride in to the park on your bike for a free entry.

The race will be cyclocross style with short loops, some obsticals to dismount at and some sand. The race will consist of as many loops as we can do in 40 minutes and it will start at 10:30am.

Here's the short of it.....

Who: anyone can race and it's free
What: a 40 minute intense or casual ride, there are no rules besides staying on the course
When: This Saturday with a start time of 10:30
Where: Edness Kimball Wilkens State Park
Why: Because the weather is going to be perfect for riding

Hope to see you there

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