Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Race Recap

There is no way that I would have rather spent my Saturday morning than to ride my bike. It is the end of the year and the riding will soon be over but you still have the chance get somecyclocross racing in with the Fat Fish Racing Team.

The race today was so fun! It started with a hill climb on some new single-track and after a half a mile of loose flat trail we descended down into the main riding area. We all rode for 65 minutes and completed 9 or 10 laps. There were two necessary dismount areas and another twoobstacles that most of us were able to bunny hop. You can probably expect to find some more of this same type of fun for next Saturday, except a different route. There are so many options at crossroads, we will never have the same course twice.

Enjoy the photos and hope to see you next Saturday.

Fisk: A Fat Fish Racer in training.

Colby leading the pack and flying over the barricades at lap 1

Leif not too far behind
Adam hits the ground on lap 1

Below: Colby at the start of Lap 2.

Adam, just ahead of Brook and Leif.

Brook launches over the barricades.
Below: Colby leading Adam at the start of lap 4 or 5.

Above: Leif reseting a barricade after it fell over.

Above: Leif and Matt
Below: Leif after a dismount

Hey Matt, is your bike missing something?

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Denise said...

Even though we can't be there to cheer everyone on for real, it feels like we were there anyway going through the pictures. Thank you for the posts and pictures to keep us up to date on your races.