Monday, November 1, 2010

Saturday Cyclocross At Crossroads!

Get those bikes out from the garage for a kick butt cyclocross event this saturday, November 6th. This will take place on the single and double track trails of Crossroads. There will be some pavement, some sand, some gravel, some dirt, maybe some hills and most definitely, some barriers to jump over. Just try doing more gracefully than this guy!

Rolling Thunder - Cat 4

Lets try to look more like like this!
Cyclocross at Fort Missoula

The parking lot we will meet at will be the same as last CX ride. That would be the softball field parking lot (follow the sing for field 4) in NORTH CASPER PARK. Go all the way to the dead end and park near the bridge.

This will be a competitive ride, but will be a course that anyone can do. So if your full carbon super bike is in the shop, your single speed commuter bike or kids bmx would be bikes that could easily handle these trails.

Here are the details. Enjoy!

When: Saturday, November 6 starting at 9:30AM. Try to be there at 9 to get ready and know where the start is.

Who: A Fat Fish Racing event is cool and casual. We encourage anyone and everyone to ride. Last time there was even a road bike on the singletrack trails. A cyclocross race is a great place for spectating, so bring your grandma.

What: there will be two categories ranging in time. The 'comp' category will ride as hard as they can for 60 minutes (no more, no less) while the 'cool and casual' category will ride hard for 40 minutes.

Where: At the single track trails near the river. The place we call Crossroads. Park at North Casper Park at Fields 3 and 4.

Why: Seriously??? Biking rocks and it is supposed to be in the upper 60's on Saturday. You need to do this because you can get a great work out, have a fun time, meet some new people, and whoop up on your friends........ all while wearing a t shirt and shorts in early NOVEMBER!!!!! Come On! You better be there.

hope to see you there.....

The Fat Fish

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