Saturday, November 20, 2010

Great weather, great riding!

The temperature at the end of the ride was 51 degrees and the wind had calmed down to almost nill. It was a great ride that I got to enjoy with some old and new friends. I'm feeling really good that the Fat Fish Racing name is getting to be heard from more and more people. Even though the team has been around for a year, I realize that there are a ton of people (on bikes) who have not heard of the team. The Fat Fish Racing Team wants to reach those people in Central Wyoming so we can connect on the trails. We are also working to get more people on bikes. Kids especially, but also adults who haven't been on their bikes in a while are our main target. We want to keep our organized races FREE or as cheap as possible to make it easy for the whole family to enjoy the trails.

We have some pretty great trails around us and we hope to share that with everyone.

Do you have any trail maps from the area that you would like to share with us and the world? If so, please email the team at

Thanks for the great ride today and nice meeting all you new folks that came to ride and watch.
Stay tuned for the next Fat Fish Race and/or Ride. It is looking like temps in the low 40's again next weekend. So keep the chain lubed and tires full of air!

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