Monday, October 25, 2010

Hi bike riders. Are you tired of checking this blog everyday to find out what is new about two wheels in the Casper area? Of course not! Looking at this blog rocks and besides, you don't have anything better to do. Just kidding.

If you would like to receive and email when there is a new post to the Fat Fish Racing blog, then please email us with your email address. Then, each time I post something new, I will send a short email message reminding you to check the blog. This will help us to reach as many people as possible who are interested in racing and riding with the team.

Our email is Just send us a short message saying you want to be added to the email list. I will only email you when there is a post to the blog which is about 4 times a month and will not email you junk that would give your computer a virus or anything.


Check out these pic's of my bro, Kevin, rocking the Fat Fish jersey at the Minnesota Off Road Race Series. MN has some awesome single-track.

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