Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Psycho Cyclo Thursday!

IT IS TIME..... For cyclocross that is.

The first Cyclocross ride will be Thursday, October 7th at the crossroads trail in the city of Casper. The competitive ride will start at 6pm and will have two categories. We can add more categories if the need arises, but these two should be fine for now.

Casual/40 minutes: this will be for the casual rider and non competitive racer who wants to try out this fun sport.

Competitive/ 60 minutes: The extra 20 minutes will equal many more times dismounting and remounting. To place in the top 5 your going to have smoking fast lap times while saving a little juice at the end for some sprinting. Fast dismounts will really benefit you. Times and placing will be taken and posted on the Internet for the Fat Fish Racing fans to view.

If you don't know what cyclocross is, check out the website below.

Expect the course to be very fast with very little climbing and an occasional obstacle.

This is going to be a blast and the Fat Fish Racing team hopes that you and all of your family can make it to this event to ride and spectate. Of all the events to watch, a cyclocross race will be the most entertaining of them all. The course is short and tight, with obstacles and many laps. This means that grandma can come and watch you for nearly the entire race.

There is not a single speed category, nor is there a cat for cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes. The two categories are for casual people OR competitive people. Whatever bike you choose to ride is your call.

Here are the need to knows:

Who: Anyone can ride, even kids on a bmx bike. This would actually be a blast for them.

What: A cyclocross ride with two categories lasting either 40 minutes or 60 minutes.

When: Thursday, October 7th. Event starts at 6pm.

Where: We will meet in the central parking lot for the crossroads park. This would be the parking lot in North Casper Park. This park has the softball fields and all the kids soccer fields. Nearby roads are East M Street and North Melrose. We will be able to grill some burgers after the ride at this location.

Why: Seriously? Lets get outside before it is too cold out. You will have a blast.

Please RSVP is you want some free food afterwards.


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