Friday, August 20, 2010

Casper Mountain Competitive Ride Rewind

The Wednesday night competitive ride was a huge success for the Fat Fish Racing team. We're just a couple of guys who told some friends and posted some flags on the trail, but it was all of you riders who made this bike ride a total blast for everyone.

The trail was changed up a bit from the last ride and from listening to everyone after the ride, the changes resulted in an great XC race course. Those of us competitive riders rode our hardest for three laps that were 3.78 miles each. In the first 3/4 of a mile, the top 8 riders stuck together up the long and steady hill. The climb was not steep, but at the pace that Neil started us out at, it was a total lung buster.

At the word GO, Neil started the ride at an Expert level pace and led the group for a few hundred yards until Colby, on his singlespeed, took the lead for the next 20 minutes of the ride. Leif and I followed until Colby hit the single track where he maintained his lead by ripping through the single track faster than anyone else. At the start of the second lap, I attacked midway through the long climb and attacked every hill from then on. I knew that Colby was faster on the decents and that my way to win would be to power up every hill. So I stuck to that plan the rest of the ride and it's a good thing I did, because Colby finished just 30 seconds behind me, while Leif finished another minute after him.

Great job everyone and I hope to see you all again soon. Results are posted below for all of us competitive riders.

Thank you Aspen Ridge Dental for your donation of food after the ride. Also, thank you Mountain Sports for your support in our efforts to rally all mountain bikers to our Fat Fish Racing events.

Place Name Finish Time
1 Adam L1:02
2 Colby F 1:03
3 Leif J 1:05
4 Mike D 1:06
5 Pat B 1:09:15
6 Shawn N 1:09:45
7 Michael B 1:10:45
8 Neil B 1:12:38
9 Ryan R 1:13:30
10 Bryce S 1:13:36
11 Isaiah R 1:22:19
12 Brian B 1:23:07
13 Clint C 1:25:49
14 Rick M 1:32:12
Craig C DNF

In ultra new news, Casper already has one 4 person team heading to Moab, UT for 24hours of Moab on October 9th and 10th. I'll be there riding with Mike, Ray and Matt. There is interest from a few other people from Casper and they may be looking for another guy or gal to complete a team. If you are interested and want to ride your bike for 1/4th of a 24 hour race, email me at and I'll help get you connected.

A Tip for all of you out there...... Keep it fresh..... your training that is. This late in the riding season, fatigue and boredom may be hitting you hard. Go out and ride with someone new, try a new trail, drive the short distance to Glendo and ride their trail system. Have you been to the Alcova Marina to ride up the Canyon? Might be worth checking out.


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