Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey friends. Well, it has been decided. The Fish are ready to host another ride for y'all! May 20th will be our next Thursday ride. That is coming up just 5 days after the Gowdy Grinder. Location will be determined soon, but we are going to wait on the weather before it is posted. So help us spread the word and check back in with us in about a week to find out where the race will be.

See you at the Gowdy Grinder. Seriously, the Grinder is awesome and in my opinion, the course that they put together last year was better then the 30 miles that I just rode in Fuita or the 30 miles that I just rode in Lakewood, CO. Hope to see you there!

Below: I was just in Lakewood two days ago racing the Battle of the Bear. 30 miles of really fun and easy single-track. My wife and I highly suggest this park to anyone who travels down to Denver. 18 bucks for a campsite and many miles of dirt and paved trail to ride. I sure am glad I have put in the miles doing those hill climbs. The climbs is where I absolutely smoked people. Fun stuff.


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